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Lexidy strives to satisfy the needs of every client. We are located in the heart of San Diego and provide service to the entire San Diego County area. That includes, South San Diego, North San Diego, East San Diego and Coastal San Diego.

Unlike, other title loan companies, Lexidy specializes in luxury vehicles. Many companies refuse to work in the luxury industry however, Lexidy is fully equipped to loan on high priced vehicles.

Lexidy also refinances vehicles. If you have a loan through another Auto Title Lending Company we can refinance your loan to ensure you are working with the best Title Loan company in San Diego.

We provide white glove service, which takes the work off of you and allows you the freedom and peace of mind to have your money quickly and easily. We loan on 2-door cars, 4-door cars, convertibles, and specialties, you name it and we can loan on it!

We also loan on any color of vehicle, whether a smoky red, jet black or lime green you can get fast cash. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is from 1940 or 2015 if it runs and has the needed value we will loan you money.

Our specialist will come to verify the condition of your vehicle. When we come to finalize your loan we will do a quick overview of the vehicle and take a few pictures.

Our process is simple, our contracts short and our staff friendly. Call us today for your loan! (858) 480-7620